Alex Porter

Alex is an interactive developer and artist. He likes making inanimate objects do weird things like light up, make noise, and talk to the internet. He’s equally happy holding a keyboard, a soldering iron, a game controller, or a paintbrush, and makes sure to switch that up from time to time. Primarily focusing on the interfaces between person and machine, interactive art, IOT, and game development are his primary passions of the moment.

Posts by Alex

Announcing 11 Hunter

Announcing an 80s arcade game to show our love for the Netflix show Stranger Things. 11 Hunter lets you take a ride with Mike and Eleven.

A Flight With the Snowman

Feeling the holiday spirit while creating this tribute for the classic animation The Snowman, with WebVR and the A-Frame 3D framework

Creating Fine Art With The Unity Game Engine

When we’re faced with a new problem we have to get creative. That’s right where I like to be and I have been wanting to document a bit of the process that I go through while solving one of those problems.

Corgibot - A foray into the Internet of Things

Recently I stumbled upon some low-poly style masks that you could print and assemble yourself. Since our team has three official corgis I decided to be trendy and build something that would let me be just as cool as their owners.